York AC Unit Start Device?

I have a York AC unit model H2RC048S06G. The start device is stamped with part number 024-20867-002, after doing some research it looks like that is an obsolete part no longer used by York. The replacement part is a Start Assist Capacitor Device that "Clips on to your existing capacitor".

Are they talking about the run capacitor or do they mean clip it to the start device that I am replacing? There is a red and brown wire from this obsolete start device the connect to the run capacitor.

If I do connect this new start assist capacitor to the run capacitor does it matter which wires go where? Looking a the picture the new start assist capacitor has two black wires, not brown and red.




This ptc relay you speak of is an integral part of the existing start kit? Or is it somewhere else in this picture? I just want to make sure that if I remove all existing start components that's the only piece I have to remove following your direction. (The part directly above the GemTech run capacitor)

Believe it or not those two capacitors were changed at two different times by two different techs. :( I will do what you said and secure them.

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  • Jimbob
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    6 years ago
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    The two wires would hook to the run capacitor. Any existing starting components need to be removed from the unit before installing a new one. The start kit you show uses a ptc relay to remove the start cap from the circuit once the compressor is up to speed. It uses temperature to do this. Because of that, you don't always get full start assist on each cycle. Especially on very hot days. I recommend using a 5-2-1 start kit. It uses a potential relay to remove the start cap from the circuit so you will get full start assist on every cycle. Just Google 5-2-1 start kit to find it. You will need to know the tonnage of your unit to get the right size. According to the model number, you have a 4 ton unit. Also, I must say whoever worked on your unit last is a complete hack. They just left the capacitors in their boxes and didn't secure them properly. That issue really should be corrected.

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  • Gerrit
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    6 years ago

    Find a new or used one on amazon or ebay.

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