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Shouldn't Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) return to private life?

As Lindsey Graham has now been caught, making a statement offering to help the Obama administration get what it wants from Speaker of the House John Boehner, while a microphone was on, shouldn't he return to private life?

He's a wonderful person and had a distinguished career as a lawyer before he entered politics. His skills would best be used in that field.

He's a Democrat at heart, though, and South Carolina is a Republican state, and so he's just not cut out for politics there; he runs as a Republican just so he can get elected, and it must be tough for him being a member of a party that he doesn't care for in his heart.


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    Well, perhaps Lindsey Graham is intelligent enough to know that continued obstructionism is damaging the economy further. When the capitalists start losing money the politicians start losing their >>campaign contributions << .

    The only capitalist who are making a million dollars per minute are the Koch brothers. Wal Mart , JC Penney's and thousands of stores are closing. The Republicans are not very bright . Without job security the Middle class will not spend any money>>> and they are not spending any money.<<<

    If people do not have jobs the entire economy will suffer and so far the Republicans have signed a pledge to not show any job growth as long as a Democrat is in office. If the Republicans do not end their obstructionism they will not get elected, because people have lost faith in their ability to get anything done.

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    I say thank goodness we found this out. What a skunk. If he really thinks it's the right thing to do, he should tell his constituents that is what he's going to do. What's he afraid of????

    Why do some politicians feel the need to lie to their constituents to stay in power? I already know the answer

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    I miss that part

    I still try to figure it out to why the Senate spy in the CIA and the CIA spy them back

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    I feel no more upset for the people of South Carolina who voted for him then all the people who voted for Obama who are either kicked off their health care plans or pay more for less coverage because you get what you voted for.

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    That is how the political games get played. Compromise is always better than conflict if the nation is to move forward.

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