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Does this file have a virus? Please help?

So I'm looking to download this file. I got this link through YouTube.

Please note: The video on YouTube that posted the link had over 3000 likes and almost no dislikes. The video has NO comments saying "This is a virus" and in fact, people were really happy.

However, when I download this, my McAfee Antivirus does not allow it because it says "Trojan Detected". Can anyone tell me if this is or is not a virus?


@Strife and Discord: But on YouTube, thousands of people downloaded that file and NONE of them complained of a Virus. Do Antivirus's lie sometimes?

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    7 years ago
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    I downloaded it and this is what I found. It is a zip file that contains a second zip file. The second one is password protected with instructions to go to a website. This website it goes to is a scam website that makes you do a survey to get a password. Most likely the survey will not actually unlock the password and will cost you money. The first Zip file is safe, the second may not be. There is an exe file in it that zip file that may contain a virus. I would stay clear of this file and figure out something else.

  • 7 years ago

    It probably does, what is it for though? I often crack keygens and stuff like that from YouTube, which Trend Micro detects as a "virus", but I just go along with it because judging from likes and comments, it's 99% positive so yeah. I can't tell if it's a virus because it's a .zip file and I'm not bothered to download a 200mb file just to answer this, sorry. And trojan is a type of spyware so if it is a virus, it could affect your system pretty badly. Good luck.

  • 7 years ago

    Only a crazy person would open a file that you think has a virus. I mean, think about it.

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