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For each of the following drugs, state how they would affect neural communication (i.e. resting membrane potential, graded potential, action potential, or synapse). HINT: Think about where each of these channels are located. If they are blocked what does that lead to?

a. Tetrodotoxin-inhibits voltage gated sodium channel blocker

b. Oligomycin - inhibits ATP synthesis

c. α-Bungarotoxin - Ach-R antagonis

d. Vanadate - inhibits Na+/K+ ATPase pump

e. Dantrolene - RyR inhibitor

f. Ziconotide - inhibits voltage gated calcium channels

g. Excess Nicotine

h. Genistein - blocks potassium leak channels!

i do not get this...please help ):

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  • 6 years ago
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    In order to answer this question, you need an understanding of what each of these channels/proteins do!

    Tetrodotoxin blocks v-gated na channels. V-gated Na channels are responsible for the rising phase in action potential. When they open, sodium rushes into the neuron along its concentration gradient. Blocking these channels inhibits action potential.

    I will come back later to help you with the others, but figuring these answers out on your own would help you a TON for any future exam.

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