where do norse gods go when they die?

I know that vikings to to Valhalla dine with Oden. But where do the gods go?

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    This isn't really defined entirely well in Norse Mythology. Anglo-Saxons spread most things through oral tradition and weren't sticklers for detail.

    That being said, in the tale of the death of Balder (the story in which Loki tricks the blind god Hod into killing Balder with the mistletoe twig) Balder goes to Hel. Hel is the lowest realm of existence on Yggdrasil, and is where most beings go upon death. It is the dominion of Loki's daughter Hel (or sometimes referred to as Hela to avoid confusion).

    That is where Balder goes when he dies in the story. The only other case of a god dying that I can think of off the top of my had was during the Ragnarok. But Surd engulfed all the realms in fire and destroyed existence entirely... so there was nowhere for anyone to go.

    In Summation, we can assume that Norse gods go to Hel when they die.

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    Before Ragnarok (the norse apocalypse), the gods still went to Valhalla and Hel.

    After Ragnarok, most of the gods do die and they go to a heaven-like place called Gimli (yes Tolkien did steal all his dwarf names from norse mythology) which is ruled over by Odin's two brothers, Vili and Ve.

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    Some higher heaven after heaven? That or they just have a ten second wait before they respawn :)

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    Horse gods? Sorry dear, got confused.

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    My guess would be 'poof'.

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