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Vietnam vets statement.?

I was drafted and sent to Vietnam after basis then infantry a.i.t. At fort Jackson, SC. I was with the 1st/501st in camp eagle near Hue. Two tours back to back to get that re-up bonus, just HAD to get that new GTO from the PX ordering book! Any grunt will know how we got a big VRE bonus and could order a new car that would be paid for and waiting when you got home! Well, this past June I went back to Vietnam as part of a cruise. Guys... You need to go back to Vietnam. It's like we won that sucker! I was welcomed and could not find one bit if the place I left 40 years ago on a litter, heading for japan. This entire country is packed with factories making products for its number one trade partner... The United States of America ! Phu Bai? It's a motorcycle plant! Vung tau is packed with very costly condos and sea side restaurants, khe son is a Haynes and Columbia sports apparel factory, camp eagle is a town. I saw American flags on trucks, I saw the official USAF seal at the new airport in DaNang (it is there because DaNang has a tiny POW-MIA ramp, and offers emergency fuel and repairs to USAF aircraft in distress in Vietnam airspace. My tour guide told me while we were on the bus to Hue, that all the old communist are long dead, and millions of "boat people" that came to America to escape, have pumped billions into investments ... On and on, the average adult in Vietnam was not even born when the war ended! They have mcdonalds , Starbucks, CNN and Satellite TV and honest to God, the government authorities that drove out to clear the ship, were traveling in a 2013 Ford 15 passenger van! The war, is still a nightmare to us, but it's gone with the wind now, and Vietnam was the most welcoming and hospitable of all the stops we made in Asia. The flags on the big simi trucks at the ports are because the trucks are all used and shipped from the states! The preferred big rig in Vietnam is built in America . The umbrellas , caps, water bottles... All in the American flag, are simply a tourist gimmick for Americans who want to show the colors ! Vets, go back to V.N. We won! The people crave and admire all things USA , and have rejected but still respect old uncle Ho Chi Minh . Many military units have had reunions in Vietnam , just google it! The USMC was welcomed to place a marble monument with a brass plaque at one mountain battlefield , with the local Vietnam army platoon posing with them for photos. Please look this up on youtube or google. Guys, I think our buddies would be proud of the impact we have made in Vietnam. What do you think?


Excuse the typos! I was 11-b and had basic as well as AIT at Jackson.

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    Good things are happening for Vietnam economically. I think eventually the US/Vietnam relationship will be friendly at the political level. Obviously, it's already friendly at the personal level.

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