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Technicians only?

I'm looking for more books on technical analysis. So far I've read the "Way of the turtles", "The winning edge", "Stock investing for dummies", "The new science of technical analysis", "Fire your stock analyst", "The new Market Wizards", "How to make money in stocks, William Oneal", "Technical analysis, Kirkpatrick 2nd edition", "Trade like an Oneal Disciple", "The great super cycle", "The disciplined trader, developing winning attitudes". "The definitive guide to point and figure charting"

Ive read a good amount but not enough and now Im purely interested in technical analysis. Are there any books you would consider for advanced technicians? Also right now Im half way through the point and figure book and can already tell I want to further study this charting method. Do you have any recommendations for any books on P+F charting?

Also please write a brief description of the book you post.


SumDude, I was actually thinking about buying a book on counting cards since one dude in the markets wizards book did count cards before he became a trader and he mentions the correlation between the two. But you are already on the investing part of yahoo answers, you dont have any books you would mention on investing, technical analysis preferred?

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    You've probably already studied Dow Theory, but that's the basics.

    Elliot Wave Theory is helpful in defining waves of patterns, as long as you don't try to "predict" anything. Especially helpful when you try to program your newly found trading system.

    But Technical Analysis is just a tool, like the computer. It doesn't "predict" anything either. Much of T/A is random noise. Deciphering the significant from the chaff is difficult.

    What most traders are trying to do is become consistent. Even if you're wrong half of the time, keeping your losers small with good money management techniques and letting your winners run can be profitable. Risk is the focus first, but good trading strategy is the aim and application, not some indicator. Incorporated into the indicator and rules are good strategies. Developing a rule-based system for trading

    The number one reason traders fail? No trade plan. Read this book if you want to get serious about trading helps you become consistent.

    Nassar, David S. - Rules of the Trade

    I don't use DiNapoli levels, but his book gives a total understanding of Fibonacci levels.

    DiNapoli, Joe Trading with DiNapoli Levels

    A must study for beginners of Technical Analysis

    Edwards & McGee Tech. Anal. Of Stock Trends 2001

    Other books

    Farley, Alan S. - Master Swing Trader, The

    Prechter, Robert Jr. Market Analysis for the New Millennium

    Krutsinger, Joe Trading Systems - Secrets of the Masters

    Miner, Robert C. Dynamic Trading

    Kaufman, Perry J. Trading Systems & Methods

    Rotella, Robert P. Elements of Successful Trading, The

    Bierovic, Tom Playing For Keeps in Stocks & Futures

    Sperandeo, Victor Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master

    Bulkowski, Thomas Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

    Brown, Constance All About Technical Analysis

    Lefevre, Edwin Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    Douglas, Mark Trading in the Zone

    Velez, Oliver & Greg Capra Tools &Tactics for the Master Day Trader

    Hill, John R. & George Pruitt Ultimate Trading Guide, The

    New Market Timing Techniques: Innovative Studies in Market Rhythm & Price Exhaustion: by Thomas R. DeMark

    The New Science of Technical Analysis: by Thomas R. DeMark

    The Education of a Speculator: by Victor Niederhoffer

    Trading for a Living, by Alexander Elder

    Justin Mamis' The Nature of Risk: Stock Market Survival and the Meaning of Life. I believe this book to be foundational to new traders because it discusses, what else?, the nature of risk in the market.

    You could study W.D. Gann for a year and not scratch the surface.

    Shop around on,, fraser publishing as well as Amazon. There are a ton of good books out there and lots of free resources on the web.

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