What are my chances of getting into the university of maryland?

Okay, so I am a junior in High School and I will be applying to the University of Maryland soon, and its one of my top choices but I am not sure that I will get in because it seems very competitive. Can someone please tell me if I have a chance?

Heres some of my family background:

I am the youngest child of 3 in my family, I live in Texas in a very poor community, my family income is about 81,000, my step dad is a veteran, my older brother (20) is currently in college and my sister (18) will be attending college this fall). I was born in the US but I am hispanic, bilingual and have a lot of cultural background. My father works for the federal government in Mexico and my mother is self employed. I go to one of the top high schools in the nation, South Texas High School for Health Professionals and I would like to major in biology.

My weighted GPA: 3.72 (not that good, I know, but my school is known to be one of the hardest in the nation and is very advanced. Early medical school programs usually give us a leeway in admissions because of this so maybe that would help?)

Not sure about my unweighted gpa but it shouldnt be that big of a difference

my sat scores havent come in but im pretty sure i got around a 1600

Without writing : about a 1300 or above

Advanced classes I took in high school:

World History AP

English III AP

US History AP-Dual enrollment

Psychology AP

Spanish III AP

Precal Dual enrollment

(and i will be taking statistics, ap bio,and ap art in the summer/my senior year)

I am also enrolled in a Medical Spanish program with the University of Texas Pan American which will provide me with a minor in medical spanish and an internship at the end of my senior year of high school and will be eligible to become a medical translator )

Extra Curricular Activities:

HOSA (health occupations for students of america) member 3 years, local chapter vice-president junior year, president senior year (we already had elections) and was one of the final candidates to be a HOSA area officer

BPA (business professionals of america) member 2 years, president junior year, state alternate

National Honors Society member 2 years

Student ambassador 1 yr

VIVA club member

culture club member

art club member

Students against destructive decisions member

Triage Student Mentor

Volunteer at the Mcallen Heart Hospital and Mcallen Medical Center (200 hrs)

over 160 job shadowing hours at the Mission regional medical center

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance volunteer

Spanish Club

* I also attended a Health and Medicine Leadership Conference last summer through Lead America and Johns Hopkins University *

Work Experience: Assistant and Trevino and Valdez LLC (real estate company)

please help me out, and if you need more information, just ask me and ill give it to you. Thank you!!

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    With all the excellent universities in Texas, why oh why are you looking at UMD?

    Apply to Trinity in San Antonio, Rice in Houston, and if you are in the top 8% of your graduating class UT Austin and Texas A&M.

    Bad news - ECs will not help very much. Some schools claim that they care but, if so, only after every other criteria is evaluated.

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