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do every girl hast to be perfect?

I am 16 years old and I am pretty short and my skin is fully ruined cuz I got allergic to waxing but my doc gave me med so it will be fine soon hopefully but my face is fair but my body is not and every guy used me and I am very hairy so I just wanted to know that every girl has to be perfect ?

Cuz I am not ! :( and my bf left me cuz my skin got ruined :(

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    No, not every girl has to be perfect. With your given circumstances, you have no control of what your body does. It's all apart of being human. You have no dominant control of your condition without the aid of medication, so no one(including your ex) has no reason to judge you because I'm sure he's nowhere close to perfect. So just hang in there. Hope this helps and good luck!!

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