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Why do people think I'm wierd for having a "Bug Out Bag"?

I'm 21 in college and all my friends think I'm weird or a creep for having one. I'm really discrete about it but when they ask me to see it I show it to them and they look at me like I'm a nutjob. In it I have:

-Emergency shelter (tube tent)

-water purification system(filter and iodine tablets)

-emergency food bars (2500 calories each)


- 5 Bic lighters and windproof/waterproof matches


-first aid kit for minor wound care

-Trauma Kit for immediate life threatening wounds


-two survival knives and a hatchet for firewood

- two .45 ACP handguns with about 50 rounds

I keep all this in a backpack and don't ever intend to use it; I just like to be prepared but for some reason people treat me like a nutjob for having this............howcome?

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  • Layla
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    6 years ago
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    Well I mean where are you taking it? Do you never take the backpack off? Do you just keep it in your car... Like what are we talking here?

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  • mokrie
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    6 years ago

    And they'll keep making fun of you until a disaster happens and then you'll suddenly be the go to guy. Personally I would never tell people that I even had it until it was needed and you may end up in trouble with the college for the guns and get expelled.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    ...sounds good to me !

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