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How fast do scooters go?

How fast does Scooters go?

So, I started a job. I'm pretty big and it takes me half an hour to walk to my job. (As I walk pretty fast, for myself) it takes other people about 15min regularing to walk their. .

I was thinking I could buy a scooter so I'd get to work faster. If I did, how much faster you'd think I'dget there? how much time you think I'd cut off??

I really don't want to be late... Sooo?

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    If you want to cut down on that 30 min walk and arrive to work in a non-sweating state, I would recommend a larger tire kick scooter. I am not talking about the Razor scooters for kids but the scooters with larger 12 and 16 inch air filled tires. The run on your human power, need no gas or batterys and you get some exercise while you do it.

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    Stock bikes

    50cc:35-50mph(35 if governed)




    As for upgraded scooters, the sky's the limit but the current 50cc land speed record is 130mph. My last bike was a roketa 250 with performance exhaust, competition transmission and CDI. it topped out at 95mph with a 130lb rider, upped from 68mph. They're not hard to upgrade.

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    As others already said, it depends on the type of scooter one is interested in. In recent time I have seen improvements especially when it comes to electric vehicles.

    Just to offer some stats, the E-Twow electric scooter can reach 35 kph aka 22 mph. There are many other options, it simply depends on what type of scooter you want to ride.

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    I am no expert on engines regarding scooters, my general idea is that your scooter will depend on your size. I think it is best if you ask the supplier for your safety. It is ok to be fast but make sure that you are safe.

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    50cc gas scooters can run 28-35 mph. You may not need motorcycle license to ride it. Call local DMV for details. Here is the DMV list.

    150cc gas scooters can run about 50-55 mph. You need motorcycle license to ride it.

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    A bicycle can take only 10 min.

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    -Depends on the Kind... Some of the Good Ones will go 50 MPH- if You shell out the $$$ for Them ! :)

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    Average is about 50mph...

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    6 years ago enough to get you where you want to go.

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