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Waltham pocket watch value?

I was going though my late grandmother's old boxes I had packed away and came across a Waltham pocket watch. It is open screen (don't have to open it to see the watch) and has a crest looking symbol on the back. Attached is a chain with a 1911 2.5 gold dollar and at the end what looks like a small pocket knife. Does anyone know how I can identify and find the value of said watch? Or how to get the serial number..there doesn't seem to be one on the outside so I'm assuming I have to open it up somehow. I've looked online and just can't seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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    There will be some value just in the gold coin. As for the watch, a lot needs to be known. Unless it's also gold, value probably isn't too high. The higher the number of jewels in the movement the more likely it is to be a better piece.

    If you can open the case, you should see two different serial numbers. There should be one on the case. That can tell you when the case was made and possibly by who. Watch makers often had their cases produced by another company, and sometimes they purchased their movements, too, and just assembled the watches. There should be a serial number on the movement (the inner workings) also. That will date the manufacture of the movement. The most important number to have is the one on the movement.

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    You need to explore on the internet for appraiser jewelers who can look at the watch for an exact age and estimate value. In the process you may find a colony of collectors who can help you on opening it without damage.

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