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How do I address the RSVP for my wedding invitations?

I have invitations and RSVP cards with an envelope for those. If there are children 16 or older they get their own invite, right? When I put everything together, is there a certain way to put everything in the main envelope?


Also, how do I address the RSVP envelope?

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    Children/teenagers under the age of 18 can go in with their parents. 18 and over get their own invites.

    When assembling all the enclosures into the main envelope:

    The RSVP Card--tuck the card under the flap of the return envelope, to keep in place but also with writing facing outward so that writing can be seen.

    Place items from smallest to largest, RSVP's, meal entree cards and envelopes, anything else, smallest on top with invitation last and the piece of tissue paper goes on top of the invitation with the other items on top of the tissue paper.

    Stuff the envelope with everything facing the back of the envelope (flap side) so that nothing is missed by "opener" when opening the envelope. Also this puts the back side of the invitation/a good flat surface to write on/

    facing outward towards the front of the main envelope, that part that is addressed, this way the invitation from the front looks flat and smooth/neat---the smaller items being to the back of the envelope.

    Traditionally the RSVP envelopes went to who/whom was hosting the reception. My (our) daughters came back to me not just because I was/am MOB, but she wanted me to keep up with them for her. So you have them sent back to yourself, your Mom, MOH or whomever you want to keep up with for you.

    If you want them to come to you, put:

    Ms. Susie Smith then your address

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, address (parents)

    Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson (although if parents are still married and living together, I think it looks better to put the return RSVP address as Mr. and Mrs., not just to your Mom)

    Hope this helps, don't forget the stamp.

    If you had thought about it, you could have had the RSVP envelopes pre-printed with the return address, but you can pass that along to someone else.

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    The RSVP envelope only has your address on it. You do not put any guests' name on the RSVP . They fill out their name and how many are attending. The same RSVP envelope and card go to all guests.

    Guests over the age of 18 can get their own envelope.

    You really need to go to your public library and get a couple etiquette bridal books. They will go over all of this.

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  • Blunt
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    The RSVP envelope is addressed to the host of the reception. If your parents are hosting, it should be their address, if you are hosting, then yours.

    Unless children live in different households, a separate invitation is not necessary. Adult children may receive their own invitation.

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