social security requesting info about a second 1099 for domestic partner's health plan?

Social security administration just send 15 pages to me and they wants answers. IRS is required to send them proof of income though I;ve been totally disabled sicne 1/1/ 1996 on social security disavbiltiy and medicare. I've had a legal domestic partnership since 2006,, and each year, a second 1099 is sent to me in my name, which I was told must be reported as income on my federal tax return. It started as a bit over $4000 reported on that second 1099 for 2006,. and now is closer to 7 Gs for 2013. Social security wants proof that that second 1099 is for domestic partner's health plan... I pay for it as a deduction each month from my pension as a retired NYC teacher. Even though I must play for it each month, somehow it counts as income on my tax return, so I;ve been told. So I file it as income, though I've not worked a day since 1992, in reality. Can anyone give advice as to what to say to social securty on these forms, and they claim need proof via a breakdown, which is too confusing to me. I've been on total social security disability since 1/1/1996 officially...Oh, I called the Reired teacher's division of the united Federation of teachers, who referred me to the NY C teachers retirement system, whoi referred me back to the UFT. I am getting a super runaround.


We are legal domestic partners, but not married. I was a NYC teacher, and now get a small pension from the time I had spent in that horror show. So I get 1099d from that. Then, I receive a second 1099 for the value the NYC teachers retirement system says my domesticated partner's health plan is worth minus, i think.

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    So, are you married or not? If not, the value of the healthcare is "imputed income" to you. The SSA is trying to figure out how you have income when you are disabled. Somewhere you have the paperwork you gave your company when you signed up for the DP health care.

    If you ARE married, amend the tax returns back to the date of marriage to exclude the income (the deadline for submitting 2010 is 4/15/2014).

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