Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 7 years ago is filled with Sony fanboy morons?

After being on the site for a while now I feel that for my own sanity, I best leave.

It's filled with legions of insecure PS fanboys that will blindly follow and agree with everything Sony says or does and passionately hate on anything Microsoft says or does, I myself own a PS3 but that doesn't mean I have to rub it in everyones face just because Sony have the upper hand at the moment, anyway this has been going on for years, since about 2008.

I have been banned from the site several times now for simply calling out the biased hypocrites that dominate it, apparently that's 'trolling', what does that word even mean nowadays anyway, it seems like it's just some word people throw at you if they don't like your opinion.

If you so much as give Sony constructive criticism you are flamed by the countless diehard fanboys, your comment gets rated down, it gets so many disagrees that it almost makes it look like you're in the wrong even when you've made a logical statement usually backed up with plenty of evidence.

You can't even like Sony on that site, nope, you gotta love them like they're some sort of religion, and if you don't, you lose all your bubbles, which means you can only comment once per article, whereas the legions of Sony fanboys all vote themselves up and compliment each other to feel more secure about themselves, all the while thinking they're actually clever, they truly believe Sony loves them and doesn't just want their money.

And by god the amount of people on that site lined up ready to blow Naughty Dog is unbelievable, they're like the messiah on N4G, people on that site even call them Naughty God all the time, no sh*t, I personally don't like the Uncharted games and thought The Last of Us was extremely overrated as far as a 'game' goes, but I'm not allowed to have that opinion on such a site.

When The Last of Us lost game of the year to GTAV at the VGX awards, the site went up in flames, it was so bad the mods actually had to intervene and try to cut down the amount of comments saying 'GTAV sucks c*ck, The Last of Us should have won' or 'GTAV was terrible, the only reason The Last of Us didn't win is because it's only on one platform', even though Uncharted 2 won it back in 2009 and that was only on PS3.

Another things is when Titanfall was revealed everybody on the site had a ***** for it, people were praising it and agreeing with each other that it looks amazing, then it was announced that it was only on Xbox and not Playstation... now if you compliment it or say you're having fun playing it, you get unbelievable amounts of disagrees and if you hate on it, well congratulations, you're on the winners team!

You could literally just go onto that site right now and write anywhere you please 'Microsoft sucks' and your comment would be praised, it's like some sort of initiation on that site.

Here's an example of what the average comment section of an N4G article looks like.

The site in general just sickens me at this point, if you hate Microsoft, N4G is the place for you!

Rant over.

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    There's no point in staying in staying if you dislike how the community acts there. There are a lot of other websites you could use as an alternative. GameSpot, CVG etc. I wouldn't recommend IGN since it seems to favour quantity over quality when it comes to comments.

    The last time I was there I was reading an article with 20,000+ comments which was mostly just people arguing with each other. Other websites have much better communities than that.

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