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Rabbit has not pooped since the morning?

Just wondering when I should start to worry, she's 7 month pooped maybe 10 little balls this morning but nothing now, a few pees. It's been 8-9 hours she has not went. Our vet is closed all weekend when should I call the emergency vet

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    7 years ago
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    Is she still eating and drinking? If so that is a good sign.

    What were her poops like? The same size as usual? Or very tiny and a bit misshapen and really hard?

    If they were normal then don't worry... she will go when she's ready.

    If they were small/hard then check her carefully. If she isn't moving around, appears cold to touch and feels kind of stiff then I should ring the vet straight away as it may be she is entering GI stasis.

    Better be safe than sorry and you won't be charged for a call and it could save her life if she is ill... at any rate it would put your mind at rest.

    Source(s): Twenty+ years rescuing and looking after rabbits.
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    7 years ago

    my rabbit does that allot you can go to the vet but no need to worry if its the first time take him if its not you may but wait a while he might just be not full to poop yet.

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    Is she eating? Try to get her to eat hay. If she refuses to eat, then get her to a vet ASAP.

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