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I was driving on the the turn pike in a 2004 Infinity Qx56" When the steering wheel locked on me & engine shut down"?

After about a half hour I was able to start it up & drive again" help.??

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    POWER WASH YOUR ENGINE WITH GUNK ORANGE CLEANER, original formula! Nearly ALL later model engines use a CRANK POSITION SENSOR that is VULNERABLE to excessive heat! AS cars AGE< the space BEHIND the radiator collects paper, fuzz, seedlings, feathers, grunge, insect corpses and more! POWER WASH this junk OUT! You will need a SCREWDRIVER to remove the radiator UPPER BRACKET! The CKS is located on the FRONT of the engine, most times. The CKS is a MAGNET that cannot handle HEAT of clogged up air spaces under the hood! As they COOL DOWN< they resume functioning, and tell the computer when TDC is on NUMBER ONE cylinder! ALSO REALIZE that the OIL CHOICES you make affect ENGINE RUNNING< economy and PERFORMANCE< and SENSOR LIFE! NO LATER MODEL engine should EVER use a REG WAX BASED OIL inside them! use ONLY MOBIL ONE 0W-30 or other oil with the LEXUS?TOYOTA approval ratings PRINTED on the LABEL! DO NOT rely on VISCOSITY ratings alone! there are ILSAC, ACEA< and JASO codes to rely on as well as the GL numbers! AMSOIL wil last for 25k mile or ONE FULL YEAR!>> ALSO take a few $$ to the oil change center and have your IDLE AIR CONTROL Valve and THROTTLE BODY cleaned up to SHOW ROOM clean! The IAC fine tunes the amount of AIR entering your engine from O2 sensors and COMPUTER signals! BAD OIL will sludge them OVER and YOU LOSE POWER and ECONOMY as such! BYE NOW!

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    The steering wheel didn't lock on you, the power assist failed when the engine stopped running. You could still steer it just would be really heavy. For help you'll need to see a mechanic, there is no way anyone on the internet can tell you what caused your problem with any degree of certainty, there are many possibilities.

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