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What is the best nail polish that doesn't chip?

I need a good nail polish that doesn't chip, and NOT gel nails because they're too expensive. What brands are best for not chipping? Also something reasonably priced. I will not pay $20 for a nail polish.

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    Revlon nail polish has a good reputation, but if you want something cheaper try Cutex. The best way to get a long lasting surface is to always use a base coat under your polish and then a clear top coat.

    Really not sure why you've posted this question in the Travel-Other Destinations section!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I like sally Hansen, they cost like 2 or 3 dollars, if you want them to last without chipping you must use a base first, nail polish color and at the end apply a top coat. Most of my nail polishes are from sally Hansen, some opi and some NIx I like nix because they don't test with animals plus they are 99 cents, I usually get them at any Beauty Supply and the sally Hansen I get them at Walmart or target. ...

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