I got this in today's mail. Anyone know if it's real or not. Your Classic version of Yahoo! Mail is closing.?

Your Classic version of Yahoo! Mail is closing.

You need to upgrade now


The Classic version of Yahoo! Mail will be replaced by our new version on 14Mar 2014. So it's time to upgrade, before you lose your email access.

When you upgrade your Yahoo! Mail

Your email service won't be affected and you'll keep all your old contacts, folders and messages. Plus you'll get:

faster email

the latest spam protection

unlimited email storage.

How you can upgrade your account

Click on the link below and follow the instructions. You'll also need to agree to some new terms and conditions.


If your browser displays a message saying it won't support the new version of Yahoo! Mail, you'll need to update your browser (it's easy and free) then you can go on to upgrade.

If you want to carry on getting your emails, you need to upgrade now, because the Classic version of Yahoo! Mail will stop working after 30 Feb.

Got a question?

For more information, help or to get in touch, go to yahoo.com/help/newmail.

Thanks for choosing Yahoo.


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  • Padma
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    7 years ago
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    Look at the date "February 30"??

    It is SCAM... DO NOT click on of the links as they could contain virus which can harm your computer. Click on the Check-Box provided in-front of the email and click on the down-arrow located next to SPAM tab --> In the appeared options, select "REPORT A PHISHING SCAM".

    For future reference, here are some pointers to find out whether a message received was from Yahoo or not!

    * First & foremost point is to look for the Yahoo emblem... If the email is from Yahoo, the sender will be preceded by the YAHOO EMBLEM -- Alphabet "Y" in Purple background. You can see the emblem right now in your URL bar;

    * When you move cursor to that " Y ", you will see a prompt "Verified Message From Yahoo";

    * As their account holder, Yahoo knows your name. Hence, they will address you with name;

    * Yahoo! NEVER provides any links in emails they send;

    * Yahoo NEVER sends threatening emails about your account being closed or exceeded storage, etc.,

    * Yahoo email address you will receive from: @cc.yahoo-inc.com and/or @yahoo-email.com

    Take Care!

    **For further clarifications, please click on PENCIL icon located below your Question and select "ADDITIONAL DETAILS".

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I did not upgrade in time....how do I get email again>

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