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Is this SAT program good?

I am the last class to take the old SAT 2400 scale before it is changed once again. So I am contemplating if I should purchase this program, its inexpensive and from the little reviews here and there I here it is considered one of the best. The SAT program is the green sat system if you google it you should find it, if not the link above. So please give me honest reviews because I am wanting to achieve a 2100+ on the SATs, thank you. Best answer gets 10 points.


Please note I am currently a sophomore and I have yet to have taken the SAT even once but I did take the PSAT and receive a low score of 144.

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    6 years ago
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    You havent said what your practice score is, so we cant give even a ballpark estimate on whether or not you can reach 2100. theres a great article below, but its a bit long and dull, i will try to give you the highlights.

    typical gain from consistent self prep is about 50 points. self + a group class or an effective online tutoring program is usually about 100 or so. for 150+, expect to need some private tutoring and follow it up with selfprep based on what you learn from them. there is nothing handled strictly online that is much better than what the college board offers directly for under 100 and theres a link in the article to a guideline for picking programs.

    now, those are based on people who are usually retaking with a few months of a first try. you however have a lot of time left. thats time in classes you havent had yet and just to develop even stronger study habits overall. so your gain will be more. but you still want to know where you are starting from to gauge how realistic 2100 is and whether or not you even need help and what kind you may need if you do.

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  • 6 years ago

    Do yourself a favour and take the free online practice SAT on first, before signing up for a class. You may already be close enough to your desired score that you would only need to review an SAT Study Guide (which would cost less than $20, verses paying several hundred for a course). I was a "B" student, never studies for the SAT, and still got a 2010.

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