I received an email alleged to be you guys advising me to upgrade my email now or I will loose my email accoun?

I received an email alleged to be you guys advising me to upgrade my email now or I will loose my email account permeanantly. However I did not click the link they have attached to this email in fear that this may be a flawd email coming from someone else. Instead, I logged on to yahoo through my Internet and nowhere does it says I need to upgrade my yahoo email or stand to lose everything. I need immediate guidance here.

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    It is a phishing email, DO NOT click on any of the links as those links will download virus into your computer. Click on the Check-Box provided in-front of the email and click on the down-arrow located next to SPAM tab --> In the appeared options, select "REPORT A PHISHING SCAM".

    For future reference, here are some pointers to find out whether a message received was from Yahoo or not!

    * First & foremost point is to look for the Yahoo emblem... If the email is from Yahoo, the sender will be preceded by the YAHOO EMBLEM -- Alphabet "Y" in Purple background. You can see the emblem right now in your URL bar;

    * When you move cursor to that " Y ", you will see a prompt "Verified Message From Yahoo";

    * As their account holder, Yahoo knows your name. Hence, they will address you with name;

    * Yahoo! NEVER provides any links in emails they send;

    * Yahoo NEVER sends threatening emails about your account being closed or exceeded storage, etc.,

    * Yahoo email address you will receive from: @cc.yahoo-inc.com and/or @yahoo-email.com

    Take Care!

    **For further clarifications, please click on PENCIL icon located below your Question and select "ADDITIONAL DETAILS".

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    Whatever you do, do NOT click that link! It is someone looking to download malicious software onto your PC or other device. The best thing to do is trash the email, and if you can, change your email settings so emails from that particular address don't go to your inbox, but to your trash. Heed my advice if you value your devices. Viruses and other malicious programs will destroy your electronics.

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