proof of in elastic collision kinetic energy (before)> ketice energy (after)?

i need proof of this formula

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  • 6 years ago
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    The easiest way is probably to choose an inertial reference frame where one of the masses appears to be at rest. Let's say m2 is "at rest": then

    ½*m1*(v1)² <?> ½*(m1+m2)*u²

    We can always conserve momentum:

    m1*v1 = (m1+m2)*u

    v1 = u*(m1+m2)/m1

    Plug that into the energy statement and divide out the ½:

    m1*u²*(m1+m2)²/m1² <?> (m1+m2)*u² → simplify, including u² cancels:

    (m1+m2)² / m1 <?> (m1+m2) → divide by m1+m2

    (m1+m2) / m1 <?> 1

    Clearly, (m1+m2) / m1 > 1,

    so the LHS > RHS

    and initial KE > final KE.

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