I rec'd an email stating that my mail box had a virus DGTFX- is that from you?

I rec'd an email as stated above & then it said "Click here" to clean up & protect. Is this a valid email from you? should I ignore or click as asked?

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    7 years ago
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    It is a phishing email, DO NOT click on any of the links as those links will download virus into your computer. Click on the Check-Box provided in-front of the email and click on the down-arrow located next to SPAM tab --> In the appeared options, select "REPORT A PHISHING SCAM".

    For future reference, here are some pointers to find out whether a message received was from Yahoo or not!

    * First & foremost point is to look for the Yahoo emblem... If the email is from Yahoo, the sender will be preceded by the YAHOO EMBLEM -- Alphabet "Y" in Purple background. You can see the emblem right now in your URL bar;

    * When you move cursor to that " Y ", you will see a prompt "Verified Message From Yahoo";

    * As their account holder, Yahoo knows your name. Hence, they will address you with name;

    * Yahoo! NEVER provides any links in emails they send;

    * Yahoo NEVER sends threatening emails about your account being closed or exceeded storage, etc.,

    * Yahoo email address you will receive from: @cc.yahoo-inc.com and/or @yahoo-email.com

    Take Care!

    **For further clarifications, please click on PENCIL icon located below your Question and select "ADDITIONAL DETAILS".

  • 7 years ago

    That's NOT from Yahoo - it's a scam going around. Mark as Spam and Delete

    DO NOT click the link. If you did, run a full virus scan and Malwarebytes

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