should I continue for my BA or go back for another AS?AA school id very costly?

I have a 2 yr in diet tech, but have not used it. They only make 16 to start.

I have the opportunity to go back to school. I just started at a private school, Early childhood Ed, but its just too expensive. I will finish my first two classes then decide if I should go back for a 2nd 2 yr degree or try to drive the 40 mi distance to the local state U. I am short 11 units in order to transfer. They want all math and science done first.

I applied to the walk on campus (also 40 min from my house, dif direction) and was accepted, but its an online course. I do not want the debt at the end, at least not a 20-40k debt.

Should I just go for another 2 yr? I was thinking of Rad Tech? I cannot do nursing since I have medical problems..degenerative disc disease, hurniated disc in shoulder and back, fibromyalgia, and sjorgrens syndrome.

these are the studies I am interested in and experience.

1.14 years home health aide (worked with the elderly) I love that, and kids!

2. I like working with numbers but terrible at algebra (intermediate).

BA 1. teacher (k-3)

BA 2.sociology (not a social worker, thats a MSW requirement to do social worker work).

I thought of this, because its broad and I can work with seniors and teach (obtain a teaching credential).

3. OR go back for a 2 yr

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  • 7 years ago
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    Multiple Associates really will not help you. It makes a statement you really don't want to make (that you are not cut out for University).

    Besides, if you are going to spend another two years, you may as well have a higher degree.

    However, before making the final decision, run your questions past an Academic Advisor.

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