Help me with these math definitions please!!?

1. A loan from a bank or another financial firm to a buyer to pay for real estate, such as a home; a mortgage has a length in years and an interest rate.

2. In a monthly budget, expenses that are necessary and do not change from month to month.

3. Regular payment, usually monthly, by a tenant to an owner for the use of an apartment or a house; one rule of thumb is that a tenant should not pay more than 28% of gross monthly income for rent

4. Expenses that occur once a year and can be included in a monthly budget.

5.A sum of money that earns interest or is due as a debt.

6. A quantity larger than what is needed, such as when income is greater than expenses in a budget.

7.A quantity smaller than what is needed, such as when income is small than expenses in a budget.

8. A budget in which the income equals the expenses.

9. A table that shows interest amounts for loans by interest rate and length of time for paying back a loan; rate tables can also show monthly payments.

10. In an rental agreement, an amount of money paid by the renter and held by the owner to cover damages that may occur to the property being rented; when the renter moves out, the owner will return the security deposit to the renter, less any money kept to pay for damages, if any

11. A plan for spending

12. The cost paid to an insurance company for a policy of coverage

13. In a monthly budget, expenses that can rise or fall from month to month

14. P= V(1+r)^y

15. P= V(1-r)^y

A. Annual expenses

B. Balanced budget

C. Budget


E. Depreciation

F. Fixed expenses

G. Future value

H. Living expenses

I. Mortgage

J. Premium

K. Principal

L. Rate table

M. Rent

N. Security deposit

O. Surplus


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    Type in the words on Google. Example "Define Mortgage" (Define [word])

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