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I'm an eighth grader taking tenth grade math. I have a very low B and I need to bring it to an A . Any study tips ?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I feel you... I took an online geometry class in 8th grade and barely made it out alive (A–). Since I'm not really sure what the source is of the problem, I'll tell you based on two areas where problems can arise.

    I do peer tutoring at my school library for service hours, and I have a lot of students come in complaining that their teacher can't teach. Unfortunately, that is the case for many, as was mine. Some teachers can be tremendously qualified but have trouble conveying their knowledge to the students. See if you can ask another teacher or get another student to peer-tutor you.

    If you, yourself are having problems understanding the material, I suggest you get a real tutor or a book that will help you to understand a bit more, whether through practice problems or just solidifying what you have learned.

    Finally, I am pretty much available any time. If you are terribly desperate, just email me,

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