Can I use old articles on my autoresponder without spinning them and not get in trouble?

I've got a bunch of old PLR articles Can I send these articles to my list without spinning them or do they have to be unique in order to send them out. I know that if they were going on a website or blog that they would have to be spun, but these are going to my list and will be read and deleted.

I just want to be sure before I send them out.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Search engines detect spun articles nowadays so there's less point than ever in posting crap. Why bother posting old PLR dross?

    Edit: saw your other question. The danger is that you'll be marked down as a spammer - which could see your email account (and perhaps sender) blacklisted.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You wont get into trouble but as Sadsongs says, why bother posting crap and same old stuff. i use PLR articles and books but mostly for inspiration to write, put your own spin on things and a more honest and fresh point of view and your list will respond to you a lot better.

    Source(s): i have a good collection of plr mrr ebooks and articles, you can have a look here if you fancy it.....
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