Black people who impacted mathematics? Help please!?

I need a list of black people who impacted/ created some type of math for my math black history month project (ik its late but it was bc of the inclement weather). So can you help me find at least 4 or 5? I can't seem to find any! Thanks!!

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    Note: this list is viewable as a timeline when clicking on the sort symbol next to 'Life'.

    Name Life Occupation Inventions/Accomplishments

    Amos, Harold 1918–2003 Microbiologist First African-American department chair at Harvard Medical School

    Alcorn, George Edward, Jr. 1940– Physicist

    Inventor Invented a method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer

    Andrews, James J. 1930–1998 Mathematician Put forth the Andrews–Curtis conjecture in group theory with Morton L. Curtis, still unsolved

    Bailey, L.C. 1890–1976 Inventor Wind Powered Clothes Dryer.

    Ball, Alice Augusta 1892–1916 Chemist Extracted chaulmoogra oil for the treatment of Hansen's disease (leprosy).

    Banneker, Benjamin 1731–1806 Mathematician, Astronomer, Surveyor, Clockmaker, Author

    Farmer Wooden clock (1753). Assisted in survey of the original boundaries of the District of Columbia (1791). Authored almanac and ephemeris (1792–1797)

    Banyaga, Augustin 1947– Mathematician Work on diffeomorphisms and symplectomorphisms

    Janet Bashen 1957– Inventor, Entrepreneur, Professional Consultant First African-American woman to receive a patent for a web-based software invention. The invention, LinkLine, is an Equal Employment Opportunity case management and tracking software.

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    Feodor I, Grigori Rasputin, William Henry Harrison, Aaron Burr

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