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what to put in a camping first aid kit?

This may seem silly, but we just moved to Texas from Nashville, so this will be our first camping experience. I didnt want to buy a big kit, I just want to buy our own individual pieces for it. Opinions?

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    If you are staying at developed campgrounds, you are not going to be handling any emergency care situations. You will have access to ambulance service and medical facilities for any serious and unlikely injuries. When I am backpacking, I carry a few bandage pads, my Victorinox pocket knife with fold-out scissors, and aspirin. If I need more complex bandages and fasteners, I can construct emergency gear out of the straps, clothing, and backpack frame that I carry.

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    Basics: bandaids, Neosporin, moleskin, safety pins, super glue (blisters & emerg stitches), baking soda (diarrhea) , honey, duct tape, aspirin, ibuprofen, needle & thread, paracord and bank line, cell phone, emerg locator/beacon, lighters (start a fire, boil water, sterilize a needle).

    Consider the things you need to treat: cuts, blisters, burns, sun burns, head aches, hay fever, insect bites, allergic reactions to bites and plants, splint a bone, stop severe bleeding, prevent someone from going into shock, hypothermia, hyperthermia.

    Get a pocket first aid book. Read a larger first aid book. Know when and where to apply tourniquets.

    Survival Kits: shelter/first-aid/navigation/tools/home/boat/military/vehicles/disasters

    Hope these help, play safe and have fun!

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    Agree with MountainMan, use your common sense, and like this writer

    earn yearly American Red Cross CPR, Defib', & First Aid certifications.

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    First aid kit combinations vary as to the sports envloved, ie rock climbing, backpacking etc. So with that I offer you a link to first aid kit information,

    First Aid Kit check list

    How to choose a pre-made kit

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    this is a good list but I would also add latex or medical gloves, don't want to cause a infection or get infected with something.

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