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I need legal advice on standardized testing.?

So, I finished my test 30 minutes early at my high school. And the test was still going on, and around this time I laid my head down to take a nap. The rules told us we could not read or draw after the test. So my teacher comes up, "the proctor", and takes my standardized testing booklet and opens it. He goes through it, before the testing time was over and tells me "I'm glad you helped the school out." and he walked away. About a minute later he came back and said "Do not ever ask for a letter of recommendation from me or any of my colleagues." and he doesn't talk to me the rest of the hour.

Additional details about the environment and potential useful information:

The test is TCAP (Transitional Colorado Assessment Program)

I did answer ALL the questions, but some were half thought answers, but everything was answered.

I was not doing anything to disrupt the environment, I have a lot of witnesses that saw what he did.

I was told that the proctor was NOT allowed to look at our testing booklets. So I'm wondering if what he did was legal.

I did not give him permission to look at my booklet. This is a government test so teachers are not given ANY information about it before hand.

I am going to ask my Principal tomorrow if what he did was legal. If what he did is not legal and broke some law, yes I am thinking of a course of action because I do not believe he should have looked through the testing booklet before the test was over.


My question is that if I could sue or do something with this. Yes I did half think my answers on only some of the questions. For the reason being that this test does not do anything for a student, read it how you will, this does not do anything for me. Colleges do not look at this and as far as I thought all this was for was school funding. And frankly no one took this test seriously. For what I did was actually mature then other students. My other class mates wrote F*** You on every testing page. And frankly I don't care if the teachers care what I do, I'm there to learn not make friends with a teacher. And from what my Teacher did was he looked into my testing booklet which was sealed material, and he is not allowed to look at it over the testing hour, and this is a government test. Frankly it just made me mad that the teacher broke the rules during a government test and gave me crap about it. I don't care about opinion I want the legal facts if I have the right to sue hi

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    You weren't harmed at all so you have no damages to sue for. As for breaking the rules of the test, you can report to the principal or the board that runs the test, but don't expect much to come of that.

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    You half *** did the test and then took a little nap. You now expect the teachers of the school to be happy with you?

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    What is your question?

    From your story it sounds like no one is going to go to jail over this.

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