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chris asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 6 years ago

Which fantasy baseball keepers?

Need to pick 4 keepers out of this group that I am considering. League is 10 team H2H. Players kept use up the draft pick where they were drafted:

Allen Craig (Round 6), Brandon Phillips (Round 8), Jose Altuve (Round 10), Anibal Sanchez (Round 13), James Shields (Round 15), Xander Bogaerts (Round 17), Julio Teheran (Round 19), and Dominic Brown (Round 24).

Already keeping: Braun, Darvish, and Wil Myers

Sorry for such a long request. Still pretty new to this whole keeper thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • fefe
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    6 years ago
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    Anibal in round 13 for sure (ADP is about 4th round this year). I also like Teheran in round 19. Bogaerts is decent value as well for round 17 but still has quite a bit to prove in the majors for me. Not a fan of Brown. Too streaky.

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