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What Happens To Half Of My Penny Stock Shares If It Does Not Sell?

I bought 2,000 penny stock shares of PetroTech Oil & Gas and made a profit since the price went up during the trading day. I have decided to sell all 2,000 shares about 30 minutes before the close of trading but just at the close of trading, only 1,000 shares were sold..

My question is since I still own 1,000 shares of PetroTech Oil & Gas, what happens at the start of the next trading day?? Will the price for the shares be locked in at yesterday's price for someone to buy or will my 1,000 shares still be active and at the mercy of price fluctuations of the trading day??.

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    It will be sold eventually if you ordered the trade to be completed regardless of whether it takes more than one day. You just found the problem with penny stocks, they are so thinly traded that they are often hard to sell.

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    7 years ago

    It depends what sort of Sell Order you placed...was it a Market Order or a Limit Order (or even a Day Order)?

    It does not REALLY matter, though, since you have lost money anyway... PTOG has no earnings to speak of (my own SALARY is more than their Gross Profit for the last 12 months, and I am not a rich man!)

    What on Earth possessed you to buy that?

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