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If you are from ireland please keep reading!!!!! Please:)?

Hi guys so basicly I'm in 1st year and just curious to know at what age or year did u figure out what u wanted to do in college??? Everyone else in my class seems to be very certain and I haven't a clue tbh well I'd like to be a doctor but the points are very high. Other thing about being a doctor how many points do u actually need???? I get all 85-100 in my tests. I know it's ages away and I'm only in first year but I'm curious:) no nasty comments and thanks a mill:) oh last thing how essentiall is honours irish cause I hate learning irish our teacher makes it sooo difficult and nobody understands!!!!!!!!! She teaches hour ours 3rd year stuff and says it will be beneficial which it will if we understood it which we don't. Anyways thanks again:)

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    Since you're only in first year you should experiencing and experimenting with tasters in different subjects especially like woodwork, metalwork,technical drawing and different science subjects. Your friends may be interested in these subjects, but for all of you, your interest and passion and what you want to do after you finish school may change over the years so I'd be confident that some might say now they'd do X but actually do Y.

    At this stage, keep your options open and stay open minded to different career choices and fields of study, but take note of things you like, enjoy and are interested in studying and interested in as a hobby.

    You should be able to look at what last year's points for courses were through the CAO, even if not, around LC results time, all the newspapers and media will be talking about the points race, most newspapers like the Irish Times and others will have a supplement specifically on the CAO and points; would be worth your while using your school library or local library for past newspapers and ask what supplements come with what papers on what days, as there usually is an education supplement with on going info on points and courses.

    Honours Irish is a plus to have; I was in ordinary Irish for all 6 years and it was a waste of time because there was no challenge in it, all the classes revolved around repeating the same crap we would have known since primary school with depressing poetry thrown in; the honours class did a lot more, and were challenged with reading full books in Irish. I sat another language at honours level, and was challenged by it as the teacher actively challenged us on the language, getting us to know stuff outside the curriculum requirements, at LC I was learning stuff and material for 3rd level. That is the way it should be taught, by challenging you and pushing you to realise your potential. You have a great language teacher who can see beyond the dull curriculum, it is worth being challenged so that the subject stays interesting and can excel in it, rather than getting bored with fulfilling the easy basic requirements even at 1st year level. It's very easy otherwise to be stuck on the basic stuff your did in primary school at 6th class level and add onto it and it be accepted as enough that everyone gets bored and Irish class otherwise turns into a messing and doss class.

    Have you got a guidance counselor at school? Maybe it is worth talking to them about college choices and how best to know what you want to do, they can steer you to where you can find information. Even if you don't have one, have a resource section which might be of benefit to you.

    Have you older siblings, or friends with older siblings doing JC/TY/LC? They might be able to give you a few more resource sites or ask in your school library or in the local library.

    edit: your school through your guidance counselor may have you do specific tests to gauge your personality, likes, innate skills, aptitude etc; one I did around JC/TY was a Differential Aptitude Test measuring things like verbal reasoning, numerical ability, abstract reasoning, clerical speed and accuracy, mechanical reasoning, space relations, spelling, language usage, verbal plus numerical.... whatever i scored above average and higher one was highlighted where possible study options were presented. I recently found this from back then and using that to look at options for myself now. There are other psychometric tests used for employee screening and for getting an understanding of yourself. There are books too, like The Artists Way about creative recovery and Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan (of Google, the jolly good fellow, based on the course he created) that take a different approach.

    In any case talk to a guidance counsellor they can present you with different websites like careers portal to get insight into exploring careers and matching your skills and interests and personality profile.

    oh and to answer your question..... in primary school there were things i would have loved to have done when older.... some of these changed. Keep a note of things you'd like to study or careers you'd like that maybe you can explore in your 30s/40s. It wasn't really until 5th year I had an idea of a direction i wanted to study after lc. Even then I wasn't sure. I was stuck filling out the CAO form between two polar opposites, didn't even know when i got results until first round offers which I was going for.

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    If you want to be a doctor, just do the subjects required for it, your homework and study and work hard, and stop worrying about the points.

    With regard to Irish, it is not likely that she will remain your teacher the whole time you're in school, and if she doesn't present the material well, you should consider going to one of the Irish colleges during the summer - they are BRILLIANT craic and you will learn a lot of the language.

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    Dont worry. Irish is of zero value in any job or any country. Total waste. Dont worry about the others. They are clueless. Next year r they will say something different. Its too far away to know unless you are daft.

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