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What do you think about Mitch McConnell saying that the GOP will "crush" the Tea Party in midterm elections?

Mitch McConnell says that the Teabaggers won't pick up a seat anywhere in the country. Thoughts?

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    I think he is afraid he will lose his seat and he has Alzheimers

    We’re going to crush you like the worms that you are, peasants.

    Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell predicted the GOP establishment will destroy conservative insurgents attempting to unseat a trio incumbents in an interview with the New York Times published on Sunday.

    “I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” McConnell said. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

    McConnell is one of three establishment Republicans who are facing primary challengers backed by Tea Party conservative groups. The Senate Conservatives Fund, The Madison Project, and FreedomWorks are supporting Matt Bevin, McConnell’s rival in Kentucky. All three groups as well as the anti-tax Club For Growth are also throwing their fundraising weight behind Chris McDaniel’s run against Republican Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran. The Madison Project and the Senate Conservatives Fund are also spending to support Milton Wolf, who is challenging Kansas Senator Pat Roberts.

    It’s always hard to tell whether statements like this are just hubris for show in an attempt to buy some media traction or true confidence. But in this case, it just may turn out that McConnell is finding some room to relax. Chris McDaniel has made some gains in Mississippi, but it looks like Thad Cochran is still holding enough of a lead to feel comfortable. Of course, that primary isn’t until June and a lot can change between now and then. Milton Wolf has definitely eroded Pat Roberts’ favorability numbers in recent months, but the last polling we’ve seen still shows Roberts with a two to one advantage.

    As for the long game of McConnell and Matt Bevin, well… what can you say? That 55 to 29 spread doesn’t seem to be budging. But you have to wonder what McConnell was thinking in doing this interview. Even if you’re feeling your oats in the primaries, is the close of CPAC and the dawn of the primary season really the time to be taking a victory lap and doing a bit of an in your face dance for opponents in your own party? November will be all about turnout – as the off years always are – and leaving a sour taste in the mouths of supporters of any of these “upstart whacko-birds” probably isn’t going to do much for the grassroots enthusiasm in the final weeks.

    But hey… the guy looks really good doing a Cold Dead Hands impression, eh?

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    Well, Mich McConnell is two faced, considering that he voted right along with the tea party cons to shut down the government. Now, that he is ar risk of losing his job he is attempting to distance himself from the tea party.

    It is a little late for that. The people in Kentucky will likely remember McConnell voted against the AHC when millions of people in his state had no health care at all. <<<

    What good is having a political leader who continually refuses to help the people in his own state. Rand Paul is also guilty of doing the same thing.

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    Mitch is in for a fight in his own district. but it's a perfect opportunity for Dems to make gains. A lot of people are blaming the teabaggers for the gridlock in D.C. I think Mitch is wrong, he should stick to making sure he gets his own nomination - his own seat isn't safe. The Charlton Heston rifle-waving silliness notwithstanding. The GOP has long been all show and no go.

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    Mitch should worry about keeping his own seat.

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    Some much crap. CPAC is Tea Party. He brought his replica Kentucky rifle and held it up for cheers.

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    It is good news for Democrats. Any sign of dissent among Republicans is good for us. He should be careful of what he says, though. He needs to bring his party together not tear it apart.

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    I think Mitch is dumber than McCain and neither should hold office .

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    the gop is divided

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    A consummation devoutly to be wished!

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