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my hair isnt curling?

okay i have naturally straightish hair that has a few deep waves but when i curl it it isnt curling anymore? i use a clamp because i dont like using it without clamping.. it looks very short and unnatural . so i tried curling it today and its falling. i used heat protection and leave in conditioner that helps hold styles? why isnt it curling? i use anti-dandruff shampoo , any tips ?

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    My hair used to never hold curls because I have naturally pin straight hair but I started using mousse and my curls actually last now.

    Scrunch mousse on damp hair and let air dry. After a few hours, brush hair and curl.

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  • tR@c!3
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    6 years ago

    The best way to get curls is overnight heatless headband curls. As long as you have an elastic headband and some bobby pins, you can have curly hair. Look up "headband curls" on youtube. There are many tutorials on it. It takes about 5 minutes to tuck all of your hair in the headband, grabbing more hair as you go, and then you twist the rest and bobby pin it in the back. You sleep on it (it's actually really comfortable) and unravel it when you wake up. I do this about once a week to give my hair a break from heat styling tools. I love the curls it gives me. (If you want beachy loose curls, take large strands and tuck them in somewhat loosely into the headband. If you want tight curls, take smaller sections and tuck tighter as you go! It really is the best way to get curls and it won't damage your hair!

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    My advice: Embrace your beautiful naturally straightish hair that has a few deep waves :) Whilst you're trying to curl it, there are others out there trying to straighten theirs... We need to listen to our bodies sometimes too and your hair is saying 'nu-uh, I just want to be me today'

    Chances are: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!

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