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Aticle of importance of agriculture in our country nigeria?

Aticle of importance of agriculture in our country nigeria

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  • Tamara
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    7 years ago
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    Agriculture in Nigeria is extremely important. Although oil has become a rising factor in Nigeria's income, agriculture is still a massive part of the Nigerian economy. In 1996, Nigeria planted over 33 million hectares of crops.

    These included:

    cereals (maize, wheat etc)


    oil palms

    vegetables and fruit (onions, spinach, pumpkin etc)

    water leaf

    paw paw

    coffee bean plants

    History of Nigeria's agriculture

    Nigeria is a big agricultural community and without agriculture the country would be struggling a lot; as they rely on this for income as well as for themselves to live and feed on.

    The first record of the importance of agriculture in Nigeria was during colonial administrations in the 1860s, when agriculture was paid a lot of attention to with regards to research and extension services to improve this industry and make it a bigger part of Nigeria.

    However, even before this time during the pre,and post colonial, Nigeria's agriculture has always been intertwined in history with their politics. In 1962, the first national plan was revealed to improve crop growth and make agriculture even bigger in the country. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength.

    So, as you may well be able to tell, agriculture is very important to Nigeria and has always been an important factor when considering the country's history.

    If you will get source try to add the following terms in to the article:

    Role of Agriculture in an Economy

    □ Importance of Agriculture

    □ Analysis of Selected Indicators of Agricultural Growth

    □ Agricultural Constraints

    □ Institutional Reforms

    □ Major agricultural policies in Nigeria from 1960-2005

    □ Macro-economic variables affecting economic growth

    □ Government expenditure

    □ Investment

    □ Foreign investment

    □ The new Nigerian Agricultural Policy

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Nigeria being an agrarian nation can't de-emphasize the importance of agriculture not only to her economy but also to general well being of the populace.

    The basic importance of agriculture to Nigeria include but not restricted to provision of food for all, provides employment for about 70% of the population, source of family and national income, generate savings both external and internal revenues, supplies raw materials for use in other productive sector of the economy, a major user of products of other sectors,thus encouraging economic activities and finally contribute significantly to the GDP (about 32%)

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