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Is Jackie Chan disliked in Hong Kong?

I was on a kpop message board reading about Jackie Chan's new boy band that'll be debuting in March. A poster mentioned that he is one of the top disliked people in Hong Kong. I only know about Jackie Chan from his movies and he seems like a well liked guy. Is there any truth to him not being well liked in Hong Kong, and if so why?

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    It may stem from comments he's made previously, stating to the effect that (PRC) Chinese nationals are better off with the CCP governing, because they simply couldn't handle democracy. In 2009 he was reported to have said "With too much freedom, we become like Hong Kong and Taiwan- such huge messes"... "I'm beginning to think that we Chinese people need to be controlled"... "Hong Kong has become a city of protests... people scold China's leaders, or anything else they like, and protest against everything". Last year Chan accepted a top-government advisory position in Beijing, something his hometown sees as being a traitor.

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    Jackie Chan has gotten a reputation as an apologist for the Chinese Communist Party, and is not well received in Hong Kong and some other Asian countries. He has made some pretty stupid statements lately about how the Chinese people "need to be controlled" and "too much democracy is bad".

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    As an actor/entertainer, he is liked and rated but based on his political views, no.

    Majority of Hong Kongers don't have the same political views as Jackie Chan which is why he is disliked in Hong Kong.

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    Mr. VJ is right, I agree with him the most.

    Because Jackie Chan ever made disparaging remarks about Hong Kong, and he also seems to be a CCP supporter.

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  • Jackie Chan is only disliked by Hong Kong traitors who are being funded by foreign government to destroy Hong Kong.

    Jackie Chan loves to see a strong and prosperous China without foreign interference, which is against the hope of the Hong Kong traitors who are working on messing up China in the hope of turning China into a puppet colony of the greedy foreign empires.

    Jackie Chan is a very popular and respectable actor and the pride of Chinese race 中華民族。


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    I assume that Jackie is the manager of the by band and not a member At age 60 his boy band days are long gone

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I must tell u that Jackie Chan is the most liked fiml star and he is a "big brother" in Hongkong entertainment

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    @ Pras, HK and China are completely 2 different places with very different people.

    CCP-Chinese like Jacky because Jacky is a mere simple and naive commie shoe-polisher while Hongkongers despise commie puppets who are all corrupted, greedy and silly.

    Right after the June 4 1989 Beijing/Tiananmen Massacre, Jackie was the first guy who jumped up in HK to protest the cruel and inhuman CCP regime, but back then CCP-China was a dirt poor 3rd world country with no cinemas nor people could afford a movie ticket.

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    He is pro-People's Republic of China. He himself is proclaimed to be a supporter of CCP. That is not acceptable attitude to people of HongKong.

    And at the same time he acts like he is icon of HongKong. That's why people hate him.

    Also he has children from prostitutes which he tries to hide but acts as if he has never crossed moral hazards.

    Source(s): My friend is from Hong Kong.
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    Media is shi* this days. It cant be trusted.

    I dont think people in china hate him he is probably in top loved people in china.

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