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How do i ask/convince my parents to let me go to France (Bandol) with my really good friends?

So, I'm 13 and my mom knows my friends family pretty well and my friend asked me & 2 other friends to come to France with her for 1 week AND we only had to pay for the ticket cause they have a house there and everything :) So i wanted to ask if YOU would let me go?? And also how should i ask them? (Btw my parents are divorced so i'd have to ask both of them separately..) Please proper answers :) OH and also my friends dad would come her god mother AND her 19 year old sister :)

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    I certainly would let you go if you were my daughter.

    Since your mother knows your friend's family pretty well, you only really have to tell both your parents the facts:

    Your friend is offering free board and lodging for you and two other friends in a house located in a pleasant and quiet seaside resort in the South of France. All you need is a passport , parental permission, your ticket and some pocket money, so it won't cost your parents an arm and a leg. You will be supervised by adults at all times. It is a great opportunity and you would really like to go because it will be a pleasant destination and you will be able to practice your French.

    Perhaps you could suggest that your friend's parents should phone your mother to make the invitation official and make clear what is exactly on offer, and reassure her that the four of you will not be unsupervised. You could also show your parents some information on Bandol to convince them that is not a den of iniquity:

    I do not see why your parents would object as long as it is not in school time, and the other girls invited are not naughty girls who would have a bad influence on you.

    Good luck!

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      I asked but didn't get to go :) Because my mom does not want me going on a plane alone with my 2 friends, it's way to far and also my mom does not know her dad (her parents r divorced) so my mom only knows her mom well not her dad

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