Dog peeing Everywhere PLEASE HELP URGENT!!!?

I have a 5 year old, non fixed, male Rottweiler. He was house trained since around 6 months old, however, recently he turned five and has started peeing on corners in every room of the house. We don't ever catch him doing it, despite watching and trying to catch him to punish him. We can't punish him for peeing everywhere after he's already done the fact. He won't understand why he's being punished. We have a spayed female pit/bulldog, who is totally housebroken and trained, and a non spayed female Chihuahua, who is too small for him to even breed with. He has been doing it almost every day, consistently. If we leave the house, we come back and he has peed. We know it's him because the pit/bulldog doesn't pee in the house, and is crate trained. The Chihuahua also pee's in the house, but hers is not as much trouble. She REFUSES to go outside. She will come right back inside and go pee. He pees outside but pees inside too.

(Chihuahua is not my dog this is a different matter causing family chaos as well, the Chihuahua is on her way out the door. If you want a dog I do not suggest Chihuahua's, they have more bad qualities then good. If you want a small animal like that, get a cat. They're smarter anyway.)

We have tried re-housebreaking him but it isn't the problem! He still goes to the back door when he needs to go outside and scratches and whines. Yet, he still pees on all the corners even if he doesn't need to? If we can't break him of this, my mother has said we will have to euthanize him or chain him up. No one will adopt him because he is a guard dog. He's nice to us but is not nice to strangers, he is also five which lowers his chances of adoption greatly anyway. My mom isn't just going to continue to let him piss all over the house. He's not my dog (my dog is the pit/bulldog) however, she would really like some help.

I would like to know why he might be doing this, and a solution. If I can't get help I'm afraid our Rottweiler will be confined to a chain in the yard, or worse. We don't know what else to do!


I would like to add that the dog has been doing this for over a year now, is not neutered, and has no other lasting health problems. He is an inside/outside dog. He is inside most of the time.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It is possible he has an infection but if he is showing no signs of pain it is probably because he is marking is territory and he needs to be neutered.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I say get him neutered it's not always the mating Dominance and marking it's territory is the problem I think

    Source(s): Dog whisperer and my own brain
  • 6 years ago

    might have a urinary tract infection and this is his way of telling you


    Source(s): experience
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