Is it possible in ohio to buy pay someones back property taxes before it goes to police auction?

its a vacant home its been condemned but we really want to buy this home and expand our property and clean up our neighborhood its been vacant for years. is there possibly a way since the owners are living elsewhere and unreachable of paying what they owed in property taxes and getting this home? we've been maintaining their lawn for years now. really a big eye sore we would love to clean it up as we are the neighbors to this home. thanks


silly goose umm no i didnt use any sites. im new to this. i just wanted to know can we buy the land before it goes to police auction.

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mario thats very unhelpful you gave me no instructions

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    7 years ago
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    Paying their taxes doesn't give you title to the property. You have to wait until it goes to auction for back taxes.

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    7 years ago

    And you do know where your local property tax office is located in your area of the country at this time so that would be a very good place to go and try to make a start with this matter.

    But since it has never went out for PUBLIC auction by them apparently some one is paying the property taxes on that peace of property all ready and it could be some of the owners that are doing this.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 03/09/2014

  • 7 years ago

    The ONLY way that you can acquire quiet title to the property prior to the public auction is to track down the owner and buy it from them. You will have to pay off any unpaid property taxes at closing.

    It's not a "police auction." Ohio is a tax lien certificate state and tax lien certificates are sold as a batch, meaning that you will have win the bid on ALL tax liens sold at that particular auction. Ohio law does not permit individual sales or over-the-counter sales. The buy-in can run into millions of dollars. For example, the Franklin County auction on November 4, 2013 contained over 800 properties and the total selling price was over $4.7 million.

    Contact the local tax collector's office for information on local auctions. Given the way that Ohio operates tax sales, if you are not a wealthy investor you won't be able to play.

  • 7 years ago

    It's a MYTH that you can pay someone's taxes and own their property.

    Not sure how that little story ever got started.

    Is it a scam site you were looking at?

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