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Just starting out as a coxswain, Height/weight advice?

Hey Yahoo, as you guys know rowing season is coming up! I was thinking of becoming a coxswain in a junior league this season, but I'm not sure how much you should weigh/how tall you should be. I'm 5'0 and 94 pounds. I have a strong build, I love the water and it seems really fun to me. Also, I really don't know alot about rowing, can any of you guys kinda tell me what all the jobs are, or some of the commands just so I get a better Idea about this. I know this is an amature question! Sorry!

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    If somebody suggested this to you it might be because you're small enough. A coxswain doesn't row at all, but faces the other way and is the only one who can see where the boat is going. They also can use their body weight slightly and gently to steer. Don't rock the boat. It can be boring and creepy if you don't like to be stared at by 8 people for 30-60 minutes. Especially since most of the time when training you all know the route. Things get more interesting when bridges or other boats come into play. Rowers are the most fun and stick-together group of people in the world. IF you can show up on time every morning. There's no negotiating or whining about the early rising. Enjoy yourself! Rowing is a lifelong sport, where people compete well into their 50's, and beyond.

    Edit: Oh you said "other jobs." For reference, the person in front of the coxswain is the person who sets the pace. If there is no coxswain, then the person at the back of the boat would take over the duties of the coxswain and direct the boat, and tell the first one whether to speed up or slow down. It has been some time I've been away or I'd give you the right words. I'm sure they'll set you straight at your "club." All rowing groups are called "clubs" I think because they have to get together to afford the boats. One reason they're so stick-together is because they are protective of the expensive boats.

    Hope that helps.

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