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David Gregory on Meet the press. Ask the Obama spokesman. Has the President Been neutered.?

Now before all of you left outs. Get your knickers in a knot. I am Para Phrasing

Gregory's question. Line after line after line drawn in the sand. Yet Putin just

completely disregards this Presidents warnings and remarks. Obama has proven

beyond a reasonable doubt. Not one of our allies trust him. Or believe one word

he says. So from the start. We on the right were correct. A COMPLETE EMPTY

SUIT. With a Private Agenda to tear this country apart. That he has been successful


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  • Golfer
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    Obama may be neutering America and that has been his agenda, To disarm America, He signed a treaty first signed my Bill Clinton to disarm Ukraine with the assurance America and Russia would protect Ukraine.

    Obama already proved what he would do in drawing a line with Syria, Benghazi, Egypt and now Ukraine. A line in the sand with Obama is a like a missed line on his teleprompter.

    In my opinion Obama the ACORN organizer is no match for a KBG commander.

    Just remember a weakness will always be taken advantage of by those who are not afraid to exploit that weakness. While the leftest in America voted for President Obama while those on the right were afraid of his leadership. The right looks right again.

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    "Line after line after line drawn in the sand. Yet Putin just completely disregards this Presidents warnings and remarks."

    The original line in the sand had nothing to do with Putin. When the Obama administration proposed bombing Syria's airstrips as a consequence of them crossing the line, it was abundantly clear that most of the Republicans in congress were not on board. I was right there with them. What happens in Syria and what happens in the Ukraine is none of our business, just like what happened in Georgia in 2008 was none of our business. We completely ignored that. Nobody called Bush a communist or a weakling.

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    This is for the individual who plagiarizes the real Wolf avatar and screen name.

    That is so far from the point and issue. All we want the Man in the white house

    to do is Make a statement and defend it. Don't just keep drawing lines with

    disappearing ink.

    Now. Fan, You have this guy colder then a dead mackerel. You read him like a

    book and always have. People on the left can not handle the obvious and you

    keep sticking it in their face. Keep it up.

    This is for Paul Jackson. When we asked the Ukraine to turn over their Nukes.

    And they did. We told them we would protect them from aggression from

    outside sources. Balls in your court. That was a signed and sealed agreement.

  • 7 years ago

    I can't figure out why you people think it's the President of the U.S. responsibility to secure Ukraine's borders.

    Putin saw the overthrow of the Ukrainian government as an opportunity. Only a brainwashed idiot would think it has something to with President Obama.

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  • 7 years ago

    Sounds like Gregory is nothing more then a conservative pretending to be neutral!

    As for our allies not trusting us that is your OPINION not theirs!

  • Jeff
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    7 years ago

    Alright! Nuclear Winter... Sweet bro. I'm gonna bust out my DVD of Dr. Strangelove tonight bro.

  • CharP
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    7 years ago

    When the State-run media turns on one of it's own Leftwing Idols, you know Obama's chickens have come home to roost. AMEN!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I concur.

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