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Jack Daniels vs Evan Williams vs Johnniw Walker vs Jim Bean?

Never had alcohol in my life. Turning 21 in 2 days and my friends want to get me to get drunk with either whiskey or vodka I'm doing the whiskey. I'm not in to alcohol or drugs and all that so these are really the only whiskeys I know (cause of commercials). Which one?

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    Jack Daniels is Tennessee Bourbon. Lots of fire, it'll burn your stomach, and it won't taste particularly good. Standard Evan Williams isn't very good, but the 1783 version is quite a bit better. It's usually under $20 a bottle, so it's pretty cost-effective. Another good inexpensive bourbon option is Old Weller's Antique 101. Put an ice cube or two in it and let it sit for a minute or two before you drink it, as it's 101 proof and will light you up if you shoot it right off the bat. Jim Beam is not a good option, just stay away. If you're at a bar, see if they have Bulleit or Buffalo Trace.

    Johnnie Walker's a blended Scotch. Light smokiness to it, but there's nothing really to recommend it. If you want to do scotch, wait until you're a little more experienced and just go for single-malts.

    Have a good time on your birthday, but be safe.

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    Evan Williams Vs Jim Beam

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    A good vodka, especially when mixed with juice or soda, will taste less like alcohol than the bourbons and scotch you mention. However, Vodka will hit you a lot harder as soon as you try to stand up.

    Johnny Walker is scotch and my preferred hard liquor, the other 3 are bourbon regardless of what the Jack Daniels company claim.

    If you don't want to get drunk, and I don't know why you would, order Johnny Walker Blue. It is pretty expensive and your friends will probably quit asking you to drink after one or two drinks. If the bar doesn't have the blue order Johnny Walker Black, also on the high side but no where near the Blue.

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    Yep, I would choose whiskey over vodka, I think that is a good plan. The thing about vodka is, it doesn't taste like anything. You could have a whole bunch of it and not realise that you were drunk until you tried to stand up...

    All those brands you mentioned... they are all basically the same. There are small, subtle differences in terms of what they taste like... but you wouldn't be able to decide which one you prefer unless you tried them all. None of them are terrible, so you will be fine.

    Getting drunk is a good and worthwhile experience to have. It's not something that you want to do on a regular basis, but it is something that you should have experience with.

    Just have fun. Whoever you are with at the time, make sure that they are keeping up with you.

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    Go with Jim Beam. Either rye or bourbon but I prefer rye. Dont drink too much if you've never drank before... Might be smarter to start with a nice beer. Have fun, happy birthday, and good luck

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