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Skyrim Help !?!? Please???!!!?

Ok, so I have had Skyrim for over a month, and whenever It doesn't work right, I try a few more times and it works, but know it wont... at all. I've tried, running it as administrator, moving it to different spots on my computer, and that didn't work either, and I also tried using the "Troubleshoot Compatibility" Any other suggestions??? I mean, I have SKSE, I doubt that's why, I have A LOT of mods, I think like, a hundred or so, is that why? :/ Is there something I could download or what? Because it was working good, but then I quit Skyrim, then now it wont start again... Help?!?!?


I tried using the local files tab thing, and It didn't work, it said something failed for something, I cant remember what exactly, so I'm trying it again

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  • Cantra
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    Right click on its name in the Steam library, go to properties, and the 'Local Files' tab. There is an option to verify the game cache which will analyse the game files for any corruption and repair them.

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