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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetProgramming & Design · 7 years ago

How large should a full size web page image be?


I'm making a photography page for a web site, and the home page is going to be a full size image. How many pixels should that be?


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  • 7 years ago
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    If you wanted to go really technical and ideal, you could create multiple images, each at the most commonly used sizes and use Javascript to choose which one to display. The most common sizes are below:








    Then there's 4K, but that's a long, long way away from being common, especially on computers:

    However, if you didn't want to bother with Javascript, you could probably create one at 1920x1080 and set it to fill and it'd be fine on most internet connections, albeit a bit slow on some.

    The link in the source has a good way to show a low-res version of the image while the full-res version is loading, or alternatively you could show a loading bar/loading circle gif.

  • 7 years ago

    most screens are checking in at 1366x768 so...if you're talking definition no need really to go bigger than 600 dots per inch as that is around the printer standard, as far as size well that's really a time and space thing how much space do you have and how much time do I want to take to get your page ..and you should think about who is viewing and on what data is expense, one more thing I like the use of thumbnails with optional size link that way when am viewing I can see them all and then decide which one and what size of picture I want to view ..

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