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Corruption Of A Minor?

My sons father was 19 and i was 15 when i got pregnant. When we found out my mom moved us in together and assured us that everything was okay and that we could live together and go through the pregnancy and raise our baby. She went behind my back and pressed charges. And he will be charged with corruption of a minor. How long can he go to jail for this all things considered. And we live in Pennsylvania.

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    Statutory rape, corruption of a minor, child molestation - that produced a child - it would be up to the judge and prison time for those charges vary, depending on the laws where you live.

    The charges were not up to you because you were a minor. Your mother had every right to "go behind your back" and have charges filed without telling you. She did the right thing. You should have had enough sense to not allow any boy to abuse you like that. Most people would view it as very slutty behavior. However, because the boy was 19 (an adult), he has no excuse whatsoever. Molesting a child is criminal and he should go to prison. If you think it is normal behavior what he did to you, then you have been watching too much T.V.

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    She moved him in? Well that's contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well. On top of that if he is only getting in trouble for corruption of minors I'm guessing he took a plea.

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    Is he over four years older than you?

    If so this is a second degree felony and he'll get up to ten years in prison.

    Is he under four years older than you?

    Corruption of a Minor is considered a misdemeanor of the first degree 2 to five years.

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