Mouse issue?

When i left click my mouse i notice that it slightly moves upwards about 3 or 4 mm. I dont understand why but ive had the mouse for over a year now. It is a razer naga

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  • 7 years ago
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    Optical Mice are pretty much unbreakable. I had mine for like many many, MANY, years and finally had to get a new one cause the button didn't want to click no more. Unplug the mouse and turn it upside down. Clean the leans to make sure theres no debris on it by using a Q tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Replace mouse pad and clean the area where you work. If this doesn't help, try slowing down the movement speed of the mouse. Sometimes with system updates and driver updates, they change them and either become too slow or too fast and even the slightest move, itll jump the mouse cursor far. Good luck.

  • 7 years ago

    Dear, it might be damaged.please check another mouse to ensure that its a problem with the mouse or any bugs of your OS. Sometime it occurs when OS has many junt files or install thirdparty software . now a day i have a problem with my mouse it just lose control with its cursor.


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