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My 1st flying experience.?

Last year, I was 16, and I got to fly for my 1st time on my own to go see my friend of our family in San Jose, California

I flight got cancelled, I got their at 6:30 pm, and I had to stay for 6 hours, then at 1:00 AM they said we could board, and wee were the very last plane to leave even though we were their 1st, and then they said my flight was cancelled, I started acting like a child saying "I have to go, I have to board this plane", cause I thought I was going to have to stay their until who knows how long. A women was calming me down, then kissed my head (It's really embarrassing". Then They said they had a plane coming in at 6:20, so I had to stay another 6 hours, but on the bright side I got to sleep on a cot in the employee office (cause mine is couldn't stay in the main waiting area once the staff' shifts are over.

So then They woke me up, and I went to 2 different a planes.

What was your 1st time experience ?

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