How long can you wear a waist slimming belt for?

I just got one of those neoprene waist slimming belts. **I realize it's not for actual fat loss and that it will just make me lose water weight** I'm following a good diet and exercise plan for fat loss, and I just wanted this product to help me lose some water weight and slim down my tummy a little.

I also read online that you can put on lotion, wrap it in plastic wrap, and then wear the belt for an at-home body wrap kind of thing to lose a couple inches (even if they're just lost temporarily).

Anyway, my question is: Is there a limit to how long you can wear the belt for? I'm going on a long car trip next week (about 12 hours of driving). Can I wear the belt the whole time?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm probably not going to be very helpful here, but I think duration should be something covered in the instruction manual of whatever product you're using since it's likely regarding safety and may vary between products. As for losing water weight, it's also helpful to decrease your sodium intake and increase your water intake so that you don't retain as much to begin with.

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