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Darksiders 1 and 2 story?

I am confused by when is DS2 happening coz they say it is while war i prisoned but i dont completely get the events in chronological order....if some1 could clear this up for me i would be thankful just important events.ty in advance

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  • 6 years ago
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    Well Darksiders 2 is like in the middle.

    "- The Apocalypse is triggered prematurely by the breaking of the first six of the seven seals, Hell's armies defeat the Hellguard and War is summoned to the Earth only to be blamed for the extinction of mankind and imprisoned in the Abyss

    - Death departed to undo his brother's supposed crime and resurrect humanity, ending the threat of Corruption and destroying the souls of the Nephilim in the process, and sacrificing his own life

    - The Charred Council sends War to Earth to clear his name by hunting down those truly responsible for the Apocalypse, only for him to discover that Abaddon was responsible and that the Council had set him up to take the blame so that he would be their executioner. The seventh seal was broken, and the remaining Horsemen were summoned to Earth, even from death "

    Sowhen Darksiders 1 start WAR was accused of starting the Apocalypse and send into Abbys (prologue ) then Darksiders 2 starts and after that when Darksiders 1 continue (WAR released from Abbys without his powers and is send back on Earth to clear his name )

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  • 3 years ago

    Darksiders 1 Story

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